Cabins for rent

For rent

For more info please contact me at 66771490

Convenient cabin for rent in Bocas Town!

For more information, Please send us a e-mail to    

For rent in Salt Creek

Located 40 minutes from Colon Island in front of Bastimento Island. 3 bed 2 bath, for more info please email us

For rent!

This split house is located in calle quinta downtown. You can rent upstairs if you want a 4 bedrooms place with it own kitchen, livingroom, bathroom or if you want just 2 bedroom just rent downstairs. It has a kitchen, livingroom, bathroom. Both units are without any furnitures. For more...

House over water

This rental property is built over water and has a beautiful view of the ocean. This property included ac, fans, TV and more. You could rent it for a day trip, weekly or monthly. For more info contact us!          

House For Rent

For more information contact us              

Beachfront Cabin

Offer: internet, cable tv, kitchen, double bed,kayaks. Please call for prices!            

Our Reservation Policy:

We work on a first come, first served basis. In other words, the first customer to pay 50% of the total cost of stay, within 24 hours, which will reserve the house. The house can only be rented for 3 nights minimum. Reservations must be paid in full the remaining 50% at the time of check-in. If there is a deposit for any damage to the property, if there isn't damage to the property. If there is any damage, if any damage will be deducted from the agreed sum.


We offer 3 methods of payments:

1- International or National: Transfer to Banco Nacional de Panama

2- Western Union

3- Paypal



Nuestra poliza de reservacion:

Trabajamos en un primer llegado, primer servido base. En otras palabras, el  primer cliente  que pague el 50% del costo total de la estadía, en un plazo de 24 horas, es el que tendrá la reserva de la casa. La casa solo puede ser rentada por 3 noches mínimas. Las reservas deben ser canceladas en su totalidad el otro 50% en el momento del check in. En caso de haber un deposito por daños y perjuicio al inmueble, se hará la devolución de la misma en caso de no haber ningún daño, de haber algún daño se deducirá de la suma acordada.


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